The Coach

Dawyna R. E. Steed, CPC, CC




A Certified Professional Coach and a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), I obtained my certification from the *World Coach Institute (WCI), earned a degree in Computer Science from Penn State University, and a Master Certificate in Business Analysis from Villanova University. As a seasoned IT and Business professional who has held the positions of Project Manager, Proposal Manager, and Business Analyst, I leverage my analytical and problem solving and organizational skills, along with my life experiences to assist you in developing effective action plans and strategies.

*Located in Key Largo, Florida, the WCI coaching foundation and niche courses are approved by both the ICF and the Board Certified Coach Center for Credentialing and Education (BCC).


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Why I coach

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I’ve traveled that path with the boulders and potholes many times in my life. And most of the time I’ve traveled it alone. I’ve felt stuck, option-less, deflated, overwhelmed and confused. I use to say, “If only I had someone with whom I could talk… Someone that understands.” I knew I had to move forward so, I’d create my the lists of pros and cons and determine my next steps. I moved forward one step at a time.

Recently, I found myself on that path again this time the boulders looked like mountains and the potholes like craters. I was sitting in my car on the shore of the Delaware River watching the planes take off and land, again, wishing that I had someone to talk to; someone that could help. After a while I realized I had been here before. It was once again time to use my problem solving skills and reassess my options and develop a new strategy.

I sighed and said to myself “Someone really needs to be there for people when they are in situations like this!” I just shook my head with all of the righteous indignation I could muster.

Then it occurred to me, as though a bolt of lightening had shot through me. ” I should be that someone!” I had been feeling for a long time that I needed to give back, to help someone else. I had been so blessed all of my life. I could provide that helping hand. Be that stabilizing force and supply that listening ear. With that thought and those beliefs my coaching journey began…

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My goals are to:

  • Use all of my training, skills, knowledge, and life experiences to help you increase your awareness regarding your wants, needs, and desires.
  • To help you develop your action plans, strategies or affirmations required to help you define your success.
  • To help you shine a light on your path so that you can either avoid or go around the potholes and boulders laying in your pathway.




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