What is Life coaching?


As defined by the World Coach Institute:

Life Coaching: a professional business relationship that enables a client to move forward with their business, work or goals with greater clarity, focus, momentum and success by finding and creating their own answers. 


Coaching Dos and Don’ts:

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  • Coaches guide the client through a process that enables them to find their ownright” answers, paths, or strategies.
  • Coaches can provide a client with a referral for assistance with mental health issues.
  • Coaches deal with situations pertaining to present and future states.


  • Coaches are not therapists; they don’t deal with mental health issues.
  • Coaches don’t help you deal with the past.
  • Coaches are not consultants; they don’t tell you what to do.


   Confidential Sessions:

DRES Coaching adheres to the International Coaching Federation’s Code of Ethics. All conversations, notes, and recordings, if any, are confidential and will be stored, protected, or disposed of as such.


Do you Need help?

Your Path TSUCCESS…..


  SUCCESS: the achievement of desired aims or attainment of prosperity.

Depending on where you are in your life’s journey, this could be almost anything: getting an A on an Algebra II test, determining your college major, attaining the latest certification, cleaning out the attic, earning a promotion or merely getting through Chapter 5 in the latest book you’ve been trying to read for the past six weeks.

Often, it is the small victories in life that bring us the most joy. They let us know that even though our lives are moving at the speed of a nano-second, we can still effect change. We can identify and execute the steps required to successfully reach our life goals. There are times however, when we become so overwhelmed, that we lose sight of these goals.

We are constantly receiving so many external messages. They tell us who we are supposed to be, what we are supposed to think, how we are supposed to look, what we are supposed to eat, who we are supposed to love, and a thousand other supposed to’s. We’ve forgotten that we are individuals, wonderfully made by God, with our own life’s purpose.


Sometimes we don’t even realize that it has happened. We just know that we’re unhappy, unfulfilled, and exhausted.  Let me show you…



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Do you feel like your life is on auto-pilot, spinning around in circles from one supposed to, to another? Do you wish you could point your life in a new direction? That would be great, right? If only you knew where to start and what you really wanted. Instead, you keep going around and around like a top that’s in constant motion; never reaching your true destination.


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Perhaps you occasionally stop spinning, lose your balance, tilt to one side, and fall over with a sigh of relief. “HOORAY!” you think to yourself; “WOW, I survived that round. “I really need to change my life!” But, you don’t! You dust yourself off, take a few steps and the spinning starts again. “I have to be what they told me to be”.” I’ll think about how to change my life tomorrow“.



laid off

Work-Life-Career Transitions

You’ve worked for “THE” Company for a long time. You’ve done a great job! You’ve received raises, promotions, fantastic evaluations and many “that-a-boys” or “that-a-girls”.

You’ve been told time and time again, “We need more employees like you!”. You’ve put your dreams on the back burner. You make your family wait for that vacation and pushed yourself to be what they said you’re supposed to be.

Then, one-day out of the blue you get “THE” call. “THE” Company is having a resource action and you’re “IMPACTED”. You do a mental double take. And you say “Excuse me, would you please repeat that?” Then it dawns on you. Yes, he really did say that. But, wait a minute. Are there two sets of rules? Did I miss something? Wow! Now what do I do?



If any of these examples sound like or are similar to your situation don’t fret. I’ve found myself in similar circumstances throughout various phases of my life. There were times when I was overwhelmed, frustrated, and couldn’t figure out which direction to go next. I‘d often wished that there was someone with whom I could talk. Someone who understood and could help me once again find my path. 

I’d like to be that someone for you. Working together, we can illuminate your path to your success.

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